Friday, March 16, 2012

My heart's a drummer

I've decided this is my theme song for this year.  I've been listening to Leah Michelle's version after burning through season one and two of Glee on Netflix.  I've even been listening to it on my morning runs and loving every second. Gratitude just bursting.  This is the version she sang live at the 2010 Tony's.
In case you don't know, this song is originally Barbara Streisand's from Funny Girl.  My biggest revealer on this blog yet.....I have never seen Funny Girl.  Bahh!!! I realize this is blasphemous and have promised myself that I will watch it soon (though I've promised myself this many times and it hasn't worked out yet).  I'll probably cry from love through the whole thing, but I'm saving that watch for my next visit to Toronto, so I can see Funny Girl for the first time with my little sis, who has told me many times that it is just about the most awesome movie ever and even though Leah Michelle does a stellar job, Barbara is still Queen.

Life is juicy, people - go on, be grateful for that juice!!

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