Friday, April 11, 2014

The greatest love of all

Before I gave birth every one told me that your labor never goes as expected.  I doubted my own instinct a lot when I was pregnant. For this very reason on of my greatest lessons I've learned (now that Easton is almost four weeks old) is that sometimes things can go the way you want them to. Sometimes the dreams you've been having come to fruition and all that you knew in your heart to be true is.

For this there is only gratitude, so immense, so powerful and so great it us unlike any I have felt before.  So I say, as always, thank you. Thank you for my body - for how it serves me, for how it serves the little one that came from it. Thank you for this new love in my life, for every challenge, for every lesson learned, for every moment I get to know my baby boy better and understand his needs, how to soothe him and care for him. Thank you for moments to myself! Thank you for the support of many so that my darling boy and I can thrive. Thank you for the man that has been loving and caring for me for 13 years and who now cares for US on a whole other level. To have him in our lives, we are blessed beyond our fondest dreams!  

I have never been more in awe of myself, realized the confidence I have and what I am capable of. I have never been more in love with life and it's process and it's magic. Sure, I'm having a great moment right now.  I don't feel like crying and have gotten (some) sleep - which is not always nor will very often be the case.  So I am taking this moment to say thank you, to every thing and every one that is out there. My family of three is connected to you in pure love.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for the birth of my healthy baby and the love that is growing, growing, growing. This is the year, the greatest year on far!


  1. Beautiful thoughts and wonderfully written. xxx

  2. Love to you and your beautiful family. You deserve every ounce of happiness, and much more.

  3. Beautiful Candice! So happy for you sweet, strong, gorgeous, birthing Goddess Mama!