Friday, March 30, 2012

Feeling a bit better now

One of the affirmations I say to myself when things aren't going exactly my way and I'm being too hard on myself is, I forgive myself for being human.
I spent a whack of time in 2010 just focusing on trying to love who I am a little better and one of the things I realized, as I said in my last post, is that I beat myself up pretty bad when I'm not working at super-human speed.  This is pretty terrible considering that I never work at a super-human speed because, well, I'm not super-human.  So being angry at myself for it is like being furious for not having the ability to shoot metal claws out of my knuckles to shred drafts I'm not happy with.  That's why I came up with the above affirmation.  So when I get down on myself for not being good enough (another one of those human traits) I repeat the phrase and actually feel that forgiveness.  It helps me breathe a little easier so I can remember that being human can actually be kind of great.

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