Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mistakes are opportunities dressed up like Freddy Krueger

The read-through is done!

This may not look like lots of pages 
but just to let you know they were double-sided.

I can’t believe how long it took me to get through this though.  I’ve read my drafts before in one day but it took me six days of work, including a full Saturday and one Sunday morning, to get through everything because of all the notes I was making.

The good news? I don’t hate the thing.

The great news? I think I know how to make it better.

Still, despite the good and the great, the best part is that I feel REALLY EXCITED about getting back to work on revisions for the next draft.

None of the changes I’m making are to the story really – not at this point.  Sure there are a few aspects I’ve decided to tell differently but most of all I’m making structural changes and one other big change – which I’ll let you know about in another post.

What have I learned about my writing process after reading this draft? 

Mistakes are the best thing that can happen to you.


I had to do things wrong to learn how to make them right.

One of my favorite authors, Kristin Cashore, mentioned something about this recently on her blog (bullet point two).   

Mistakes aren’t things to forget.  They’re not things to be embarrassed about.  Mistakes are all you’ve got to grow from. 

They can be your greatest gifts if you let them. 

What’s the best mistake you ever made?  

p.s. Yes I'm so freaking grateful for my writing mistakes (maybe not right away) but this post isn't my new weekly gratitude post.  That one's coming so stay tuned!

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