Sunday, January 1, 2012

I'm staring at a blank canvas

Two weeks ago I was on this roof in India, 
making a pact with myself.

You see, I’ve been working on this book for five years — five years that went by like five breaths.  It’s the first book of a middle-grade trilogy and the working draft is pretty much done but I don’t want to fall behind.  I don’t want to take another five years to finish the second book and then another five finishing the third.

That's why I’ve promised to make this the year I complete working drafts of all three books and send the first book out to be read by agents and/or publishers.  (I figure it might be a little easier now that I’m starting 2012 unemployed, living in LA without my own car, 2183 miles away from my closest family and friends). 

So 2012 is a blank canvas I’m devoting to my death wish dream of becoming a writer who writes great books that people love to read. While I’m at it, I thought I might as well blog about it (and other things) too.

Happy New Year!


  1. Love it already! Looking forward to reading this on a regular basis :)