Friday, August 30, 2013

One love

Thank you for food!! Thank you for all the ways my body serves me everyday, through health, through mobility, through feelings of both pleasure and pain. Thank you for air conditioning! Thank you for the money to pay my electric bill! Thank you for a man who takes such good care of me. Thank you for the love of my family and how I feel this love everyday despite being so far away from them.  Thank you for the way yoga feels in my body. Thank you for quiet moments.  Thank you for dance party's in the shower. Thank you for long weekends and Fridays and popsicles and laughing out loud. Thank you for the moments when I see how life tumbles on and on and I am here because of the women (and men) that came before me. Thank you to everyone of you out there who doesn't see the differences between us but the similarities, and even more than that... Thank you to you who sees that we not only share our planet, our food, our air, our triumphs and our tragedies but that WE SHARE EVERYTHING. Thank you to you who sees that we are not only connected, but that we are one. 

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