Wednesday, January 9, 2013

On Ganesha and how you handle an obstacle in your path

It's not even a week since New Years day and I'm feeling really good about things, really grateful.  I've had some good freelance work come in, my yoga practice feels great and I've been cooking delicious, healthy food and gobbling it up.

I know this is the easy part though.  I'm feeling motivated and things are organized — so checking off the things on the list is a joy and goes by in a breeze.

The challenge will really come when I'm not feeling motivated, when life throws something in my way.

Even though Ganesha (the dude in the picture) is known as the remover of obstacles, a yoga teacher said in an online class I took a few weeks ago that he actually likes to put something in your way when you're on the wrong path.

I like that idea.  It follows along with the "everything happens for a reason" motto.  So I'm putting the idea in the memory bank (and on this blog in case the memory bank teller goes on vacation) for the next time Ganesha — or the universe, or your dead uncle harry, or God (however you like to word it) — puts a big old bolder in my way, or a pebble in my shoe, or a bump in the sidewalk.

Because I know these things will happen.  It's part of life.

Still, I'm not sitting around waiting...

I've hit above my word count goals for the first two days of ROW80 and most likely will again tonight.  The writing is going pretty smoothly right now since I decided to begin Book 2 again from scratch after writing 20,000 words of it and feeling like something big just wasn't working.  Now that I've figured out what that something big is I feel a lot more comfortable going forward.

Have you ever had that feeling — when you've started something but you feel like something's not right?  And then instead of that feeling going away it just turns into neon flashing lights in your brain — often without a decipherable message?

That's always been a signal for me (not that it happens all the time) to turn around, go back the way I came, and figure out an alternate route.

Or maybe you're a plough on through person?  The kind that knows he/she may have made a couple of dents or blunders along the way but is perfectly content going back and fixing them, and then fixing everything else so the whole thing fits together.

I'm sure there's pluses or minuses to either approach.  Part of writing, part of life, is making mistakes and there's always more than one way to fix them, I think.  Don't you?

Just don't give Kristen Cashore says, never surrender!


  1. I definitely feel your issue. I've been stalled on my big novel-in-progress for YEARS for similar reasons...I wrote a lot but something major wasn't working. People would tell me just to push on through and fix it later but I kept getting the sense I was just making the situation worse, digging myself into a deeper and deeper hole. Then I decided to start over and rewrite everything. Which worked for a while and then I hit another thorny spot, then a conflict with something I liked in the original and I second-guessed myself. Rewind. Repeat. And now I've got about 3 or 4 different starts to this novel, several conflicting scenes and a huge mess of papers that might have a shell of a novel hiding inside it somewhere if only I could figure out what it was supposed to look! I have no answers, friend, but glad things are working out for you and yours.

    1. Thanks very much! And I totally get your dilemma. A creative writing teacher of mine/author used to say that the best thing is to just keep on going because otherwise you'll have a fabulous start but the novel won't go anywhere. I agree with that. I let a lot of things just be crap in the first draft, to get the story out, but when I think it's something that's going to have a major domino effect on the character development or the plot line then I have to fix the issue. That's sort of my stance I think (for now, lol!). Good luck with your project and looking forward to hearing more from you through ROW80!

  2. Hi there! Dropping by as part of ROW80 to say - great goals! Good luck with 'em! We'll be cheering you on!