Monday, June 11, 2012

In which the beat goes on

I've always wanted to start a blog post with "In which," since there are so many blogs out there with authors that start about every other post with that and I guess I wanted to join in the fun.  I have the Sister Act 2 version of Ball of Confusion in my head right now as well, so that's where I'm getting "the beat goes on."

And it does, doesn't it?  I've been away from my "desk" for pretty much all of May and the first week of June.  First in NZ and then visiting family.  I thought I would have this week to get some #$%! organized and start writing but now I'm heading off to Disneyland to cover the Cars Land opening and so my novel writing is postponed yet again!

But THAT'S IT!!!  No more putting writing on the back burner after this.  Oh no!  I've got eight chapters to write baby, then another book to start right after and I don't plan on anything getting in my way!

I've got a few writerly type posts planned for the future but in the meantime, I know you're asking:  "Why how was your trip to Canada, Candice?"

Well, it was absolutely mad psycho crazy insane lovely.  Really, really busy, but perfect in every way.

The first night we arrived we got to party old school style at this bar in Oakville we used to hang out at where my hubby used to DJ.  His friends still run the night there and they were kind enough to invite him back to play.  So that night you would have found me there dancing to this:

In case you didn't know, my hubby is a very talented producer and this just so happens to be my new favourite song of his. (I'll have more on all of this down the road).  The best part of the night was when my sisters, Shayna and Kari, and my friends were all rocking out on the dance floor together.  It's something that used to happen all the time and now hardly ever does.  Maybe I took it for granted then but I sure didn't that night.

During the week Tom and I got to eat bagels and lox and creams cheese, one of my all time favourite comfort foods, with two of my all time favourite people:
That's my Bubbie and Zadie.  We're at Kiva's, the proper Jewish hang out in Toronto.  I love the noise in this place, the swarms of people sharing bagels with their family and friends, as they all run into more family, more friends, because EVERYONE is there.  And did I mention the bagels?  Oy!

I finally was able to catch a Yoga class with my Dad.  I'm pumped that he's starting to love yoga as much as I do.  We also shared some delicious oysters, twice!  (Yes, I'm spoiled).

My last week there I was able to get some much needed catch up done with my in-laws and then I got to hang out on the couch in my childhood home.....My sister and I finally had the chance to watch Funny Girl together, as we'd planned months before.

And thanks to Kari I've got a new Streisand song to be in love with.  Not sure if it's my favourite but because it reminds me of this trip every time I hear it I want to cry, just a little.  Enjoy!

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