Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This is really about you

On this very merry valentines I thought I would just send out a thought about giving some of that v-day love to yourself today (not like you should need any excuse to do it).

I'm saying this because in a few instances over the past little while I have been withholding some of that love from me - and if I need a reminder, chances are so do you.  It's part of what being human is all about.

The problem I've been having, off and on, for pretty much my whole life, is with comparing myself to others instead of just accepting myself for who I am and getting on with it.

In my writing life this means I read blogs like Kiersten Writes, where she talks about writing a whole first draft in one week.  ONE WEEK!!!  And she has two kids!?!  There are other writer's like this too.  I could start a link list but seeing all the authors on one page (more like thousands of pages really) would bring out my Eeyore.

Why?  Because I'm not like them.  In the most endearing way possible I am going to call them Freak Writers because to me that's what they are.  Freak Writers write ten books a year and have day jobs as broadway stars and pastry chefs along with four kids, two dogs and a cat with gastrointestinal problems. They write decent books, or excellent books or books that go off like fireworks.  They have bedazzled writing careers that look like Cee Lo Green.

So what does this mean for the girl who has written two novels in nine years, the first of which was set on fire?

In my darkest hours it means that I tell myself I don't work hard enough because I don't work as hard as Freak Writers.  I tell myself they have writing careers and I don't because they work harder than I do and deserve it more.

I can be fully honest with myself and admit that the last sentence, on some level, is probably true.  I haven't spent the last seven years writing furiously.  I've spent them writing sometimes, some times more than others.

Putting writing first and finding that balance between writing and life is a work in progress that lately I feel I'm gaining on (I better be cause I have nothing else to do!).

The important part?

Writing is a part of me.  I don't always love it but it seems to be something that I have to do.  So I'll keep doing it.  I'll keep doing it my way and hopefully that will keep me on the journey my heart set out on long before the rest of me agreed.

There's room for me in the writing world, just like there's room for you in whatever world you'd like to find yourself in at any given moment.

Just stop comparing the google map you're following to the two-year-old prodigy's pimped out GPS that got him to the same place you're going before he was potty-trained.

And whatever you do, just keep on keeping on.


  1. Just keep at it Candice! You will find your rhythm as you go. I find time blocking is the best way to get any writing done.

    But I'm no expert. I haven't yet written my first book!

    Keep going!



    1. Thanks so much Marty! I appreciate that. And book or no, writing expert you are. You're blog is terrific!

    2. Also, I agree with time blocking. Also setting word count goals have been really helpful for me.

  2. You rock babe, just keep doing what your doing.