Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Such Music

So this post is long overdue but still totally necessary.

My family and friends (aka blog readers) are now well aware of Such Music but still I can't have this blog and not properly introduce Such Music on here.

As anyone who is friends with Tom and I knows, we're drum and bass fans.  Well, me, yes, I'm a fan.  For my dear Toomas 4Everest Peters, it's much deeper than that.

When Tom and I were first dating, he'd pick me up in his two-door '88 Oldsmobile. Then he'd pop in a drum and bass cassette tape (that's right!) and with a pack of cigarettes in my lap, the window open and one probably already sparked (I relished ciggys in those days) we'd drive around without a destination, listen to drum and bass and talk about the things we dreamed for ourselves.

That was twelve years ago.  Little did we know at that time that we'd be dating past that summer of 2001 or that we'd be married nine years later.  Little did we know soon he'd be moving to Vancouver to live with me at the shining age of 23.  We didn't know we'd spend two year together there, then shack up with my parents for two years, move to Toronto for four and then make the big move out to Los Angeles.

But the one thing I think we did know, regardless of where we would be or even if we would still be together, is that we weren't going to give up on the dreams we shared with each other.

I know how cliché that sounds, but clichés get their rap from truth and that's what our feelings and ideas were back in those days.  And 12 years later I've got a novel I'm almost ready to send out and Tom has launched Such Music.

Such Music is a digital record label, for the meantime focusing on drum and bass.  With one release already out, featuring an amazing and very famous U.K. artist Utah Jazz, and another release dropping July 8, every time I look at the logo, hear a track, cruise the website, my mind often goes right back to Tom and I driving nowhere in that Oldsmobile (affectionately called the TomCat).  Then I think about how we've never expected anything out of the work we're dedicated to.  We keep it up because we feel we have to.  Sure, we dream about being able to make a living doing what we love, but I'm confident that if we never do, it won't stop us from continuing.  It hasn't stopped us in twelve years.

During one of our very early conversations Tom mentioned the idea of starting a record label.  It was off the cuff and for years afterwards we never really brought it up.  He was more into just producing his music and we didn't give it much thought.  Then one thing led to another and here we are.  Tom's been working two jobs (his day job during the day and Such Music at night).  He's been crafting a label that really has heart.

My dream is, overtime, Such Music's listeners will hear that heart. It's hard to miss really, so big and bright, bold and filled with bass!

Tom I'm so proud of you, so grateful that I get to spend my life with a man who sticks to his guns and I know as the years dance on I will always continually be amazed by what you accomplish.

So folks, check out Such Music.  Check out the interview in Knowledge Magazine explaining more about the label, like the FB page, follow Such Music on Twitter and come along for the ride!


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